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» Lemon Law For New Cars

Common issues with the 2020 Ford Explorer

Lemon laws help protect you in the event of an issue with a vehicle that makes it unsafe or difficult to operate. These issues may sometimes appear under recall notices from the manufacturer, but they also may be problems consumers see happen often w… Read More
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Lemon Law and the consequences of car problems

Our blog covers a variety of topics related to Lemon Law and the frustrations that people often experience after buying a defective vehicle. However, it is imperative for people to understand that defective vehicles not only create stress and financi… Read More
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A few methods for buying a reliable new car

While it is impossible to know with ironclad certainty that your new car will be a good one, you can at least increase your chances by doing some research. A car that needs repeated repairs within the first year or two defeats the purpose of buying n… Read More
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What steps must you take to prove your car is a lemon?

Your new vehicle should alleviate the stress your old one caused. You expected to drive off the lot and not have to worry about any mechanical problems for a very on time. However, this is not the case. Your new car has faced problem after problem. Y… Read More
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Brand-new models have low ratings when it comes to reliability

When a car manufacturer redesigns an existing line or launches a new model, many of its brand enthusiasts beat a path to the front of the line. Everyone who can afford one wants to get their hands on the brand-new model and take it for a spin. Unfort… Read More
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Tips for successful lemon law arbitration

When you purchase a new vehicle in California, you probably do so because you need a reliable way to get to and from work, school or what have you. When that car that you purchased proves to be anything but reliable, though, you may find yourself won… Read More
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Kia Recalls Vehicles Over Fire Hazard

Safety is the most important aspect on the road and if a manufacturer’s designs are unsafe, they should be repaired or replaced. A recent recall of thousands of vehicles shows that it is vital to be aware of the possibility of buying a lemon. U… Read More
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What qualifies my car for lemon law?

When you purchase a car, you must take your time to choose the best car to use without submitting to anyone’s pressure or signing a contract. But what happens when you purchase a vehicle that qualifies to be a lemon? But how do you tell if your car… Read More
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Domestic cars top list of lemons

People who are shopping for new vehicles deserve to trust that when they drive their new purchase off of a dealer’s lot, they will be safe and enjoy driving a vehicle that is free from safety or other mechanical issues. The desire to own a vehi… Read More
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What is the definition of a new car under lemon laws?

Before you make a claim under the lemon law, you need to make sure that you have a valid claim. If you want to file under the lemon law for new cars, then you must discover the definition of new under the law. The California Department of Consumer Af… Read More
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