How We Handle Lemon Law Claims

Experiencing persistent mechanical and other problems with your new car, truck, SUV or recreational vehicle is inconvenient, costly and frustrating. You may need lemon law lawyers.

Fortunately, under California Lemon Law, buyers and lessees of “bad” vehicles have the right to obtain a refund, vehicle replacement or settlement.

At The Ledbetter Law Firm, APC, in Los Angeles, we are experienced Southern California attorneys with extensive experience helping individuals with the California Lemon Law process.

What To Expect From Our Lawyers4Lemons

Our lawyers typically follow three basic steps when evaluating potential lemon law claims:

1. Discussing the Claim Over an Initial Consult

When individuals contact our office about filing a lemon law claim, they will first speak with an experienced attorney to discuss their vehicle and problems associated. Consumers can opt to have the initial consult via phone or in person.

2. Retrieving Necessary Documentation

In order to file a lawsuit to recover for a “bad” vehicle, lessees or buyers must present certain documentation. We ask all clients to provide pertinent information, including purchase contracts, warranty repair orders, maintenance records and towing expenses.

3. Providing Legal Analysis

After discussing the case and analyzing the documentation, our team provides a legal analysis about next steps. If we decide to take a case, we take action immediately!

Worried About Attorney Fees?

Under the law, the auto manufacturer is responsible for paying our fees and costs associated with a case. There is never a cost to consumers to hire our law firm.