Common issues with the 2020 Ford Explorer

Lemon laws help protect you in the event of an issue with a vehicle that makes it unsafe or difficult to operate. These issues may sometimes appear under recall notices from the manufacturer, but they also may be problems consumers see happen often without triggering a recall. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 2020 Ford Explorer has had four recalls for manufacturing issues.


The 2020 Explorer had a recall due to wiring harness issues that could allow rubbing against the air conditioner pulley. When this happens, it damages the harness or the drive belt for the air conditioner and could result in a short circuit. It is also possible that the issue could lead to a fire.

There is also a recall for the front seat system. The mechanism that allows for reclining the seat lacks the strength to meet safety standard which poses a risk in a crash. The seat may fly around and be unable to hold you steady during an accident.

Another recall addresses a problem with the parking brake. It may not have the proper cover on it. In addition, the vehicle may be in Factory Mode, which means you do not receive proper alerts and warnings, and the vehicle may not show the transmission gear selection properly in this mode. Together these issues could allow you to accidentally set your vehicle out of park or into the wrong gear.

Finally, there is a fuel system issue: a fire risk due to a defective protective sleeve on the fuel line.

Consumer-reported issues

Consumers have filed reports of some issues they have experienced with this model. They claim there are steering issues at low temperatures that cause the wheel to jerk. A consumer also stated there are repeat issues with the transmission oil cooler going bad even after a replacement of the part.