Important Information You’ll Need To Support Your California Lemon Law Claim

Before you can file a claim against a motor vehicle manufacturer under California Lemon Law, you’ll need to provide our legal team important documentation. Our California Lemon Law lawyer team is ready to help you evaluate your case during a consultation.

Gathering the below information will help us garner a better understanding of your case and how to proceed.

The Vehicle Contract

If you have purchased a new vehicle, you will need to provide our team with the purchase agreement you received from the dealer. If you leased a new vehicle, you’ll need to bring the original lease agreement. Both documents are essential to supporting your claim.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your vehicle warranty is one of the most important components to winning your case. You will need to provide us a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty you received the day you signed your lease or purchase agreement. The paperwork is typically included within your documentation packet your dealer provided to you the day you bought or leased your vehicle.

Repair Documentation

Documentation that provides proof of your recurring vehicle problems is key to making a solid case. You will need to gather all information that shows the issues you’ve dealt with involving your car, truck, SUV or RV. Examples include but are not limited to repair orders, repair receipts, oil changes and other maintenance records, towing expenses and information that shows the time frames your vehicle was in the shop getting fixed.

Our Vehicle Checklist

Our vehicle checklist is a way to streamline the process of filing your lemon law claim. By filling out our lemon law checklist, we can get a better understanding of your situation, past problems and the overall history of your vehicle.

We encourage you to download the document, print it, fill out the pertinent information as it relates to your vehicle, then bring it to your consultation with your attorney.

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