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Recent Ruling Holds Manufacturer Warranty Doesn’t Extend to Used Cars

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly referred to as California’s Lemon Law, has long been interpreted to cover not only new cars — but used cars sold with the original manufacturer’s warranty. However, a recent ruling that came down… Read More
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Ford Recalling 2.9 Million Vehicles For Transmissions Problems

Ford recently issued a large recall of 2.9 million vehicles in connection with a defect affecting the automatic transmission. While the problem can increase the risk of rollaway crashes occurring, Ford has noted that it is aware of six instances of p… Read More
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Is it Worth it to File a Lemon Law Claim?

Filing a lemon law claim for your defective vehicle might seem like a hassle. However, not only is your vehicle a significant investment, but you need to know you can rely on it to get you where you need to go. Fortunately, there is a straightforward… Read More
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Thousands of Ram Trucks Recalled for Rear View Camera Failure

Ram trucks have seen a considerable number of recalls over the past year or more. From faulty fuel pumps, electrical system problems, and airbag inflator issues, Ram trucks have a history of recalls issued due to defects that can significantly impact… Read More
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Software Malfunctions and Defects in Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are highly sought after for their innovation and convenience. However, they are not without their share of problems. Not only can road, traffic, and weather conditions present challenges for autonomous vehicles, but software mal… Read More
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5 Mistakes to Avoid Making in Your Lemon Law Claim

California’s Lemon Law offers consumers who have purchased defective vehicles a substantial amount of protection. However, if you bought a car that has issues which cannot be repaired, it’s important to avoid making certain mistakes in your lemon… Read More
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Common Vehicle Defects in California

When you purchase a new vehicle in California, you expect it to run smoothly and be free from flaws. Unfortunately, a defective car will sometimes leave the manufacturing facility and make its way to the dealership with substantial defects that impai… Read More
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Leased Car Lemon Law in California

Having to deal with a lemon car can be costly and time-consuming. Importantly, California has very strong consumer protection laws that help to ensure those who have been burdened by vehicles that do not conform to their warranties get the refund or… Read More
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Does the California Lemon Law Apply to Vehicles Purchased Out of State?

Purchasing or leasing a vehicle only to find out it has unrepairable problems can not only be a hassle, but a financial burden. While California’s Lemon Law offers protections to consumers who bought defective vehicles within the state, it doesn’… Read More
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Thousands of Audi and Subaru Vehicles Recalled Over Potential Power Loss Issues

Although Audi and Subaru might not share many similarities as far as appearances, they have one thing in common — both vehicles are subject to a recent recall in connection with power loss issues. Thousands of vehicles are impacted, spanning across… Read More
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