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hyundai class action

Holding Hyundai Responsible in Latest Class Action Lawsuit

Many consumers purchase Hyundai vehicles because they are cost effective, and the manufacturer offers long warranties. However, the automaker has recently become known for selling vehicles with defective battery systems. In fact, a class action lawsu… Read More
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chevy bolt recall

Chevy Bolt EV Battery Fire Recall

The Chevy Bolt is a popular vehicle model known for its acceleration and environmentally friendly features. But it has also become associated with a serious defect that can cause these vehicles to be prone to fire risk. As a result, the manufacturer… Read More
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bad power steering pump

Does a Bad Power Steering Pump Make My Vehicle a Lemon?

The power steering pump is an integral element in any motor vehicle, and it must be in good working order for your car to operate safely. Specifically, the power steering pump is a component that directs fluid from the car’s reservoir to the steeri… Read More
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auto recalls

Study Shows Delayed Auto Recalls Appear in Clusters to Avoid Negative Attention

You may have noticed that when a vehicle recall is announced by an automaker, several others soon follow. Researchers suggest that this is not a coincidence. The study, “Hiding in the Herd: The Product Recall Clustering Phenomenon,” found that 73… Read More
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drivers assistance package

Consider Rethinking Your Driver Assistance Package

Due to advances in technology, more cars than ever before are being equipped with driver assistance systems. While many vehicle owners purchase these packages for the peace of mind they may provide, you might want to rethink whether you want to add o… Read More
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Car brakes

Do Bad Brakes Make My Vehicle a Lemon?

Nothing can be more distressing than driving your vehicle, hitting the brakes, and realizing that they don’t work properly. The brakes in your vehicle are one of its most essential components — when brakes malfunction, the likelihood of an accide… Read More
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Car speeding on the road

Sudden Unintended Acceleration in California Vehicles

When you purchase a car, you expect that it won’t have any problems and will be safe to operate. Unfortunately, some vehicles may have manufacturing defects that can cause unintended acceleration. These issues can cause cars to accelerate without t… Read More
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Red air bag light in car

What Should You Do if Your Car Has Faulty Airbags?

Airbags are one of the most important safety features in any vehicle. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that airbags saved 2,790 lives in 2017. If an accident occurs, airbags can help reduce the likelihood of fa… Read More
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repairing the wiring on a car

Do Your Car’s Electrical Problems Make it a Lemon in California?

Purchasing a vehicle is a big investment, and a new car shouldn’t have problems. Unfortunately, some vehicles leave the manufacturer or dealership with issues that you may not find out about until you’ve driven it for a few days or weeks.… Read More
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A massive lot of recalled vehicles.

It’s Your Last Chance to Opt-Out of the Kia and Hyundai Class Action Lawsuit. Should You?

If you purchased a vehicle affected by the Kia and Hyundai class action lawsuit, you may have received a notice that you’re entitled to claim certain benefits, per the terms of a class action settlement. In some cases, remaining part of the class a… Read More
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