Hesitant About Contacting A Lawyer For Fear Of Expensive Legal Fees?

Many people in the state of California who have purchased or leased a new vehicle that is experiencing persistent engine, steering, brake or any other problems will likely contemplate their legal options, particularly if they are getting pushback or the cold shoulder from the dealer. However, for many people, the thought of reaching out to an attorney for legal help is daunting. After all — lawyers are expensive. If only there were free lemon law lawyers!

You Pay No Attorney Fees

Fortunately, California Lemon Law places the responsibility of paying attorney fees for lemons on the automobile manufacturer — not the consumer.

If the automotive manufacturer violated the lemon law, then the automotive manufacturer is responsible for paying the consumer’s reasonable hourly attorney rates and costs associated with your case. The consumer does not pay any attorneys’ fees or costs win or lose.

You Have Nothing To Lose. Let Us Help.

Now that you know your worries about attorney fees can be set aside, it’s time to contact an attorney to find out what you could recover for the issues involving your vehicle.

At The Ledbetter Law Firm, APC, we handle cases for consumers located in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California who are experiencing issues with a new or leased car, truck, SUV, RV or trailer. We're ready to be your free lemon law lawyers.

At no cost to them, we have helped consumers who have dealt with continuous repairs and hassles with their vehicles obtain a refund of the costs associated with their car or a replacement. Let us help you.

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