Persistent Problems With Your New Vehicle? Under California Lemon Law, You Have Rights.

What is a Lemon Car, Truck, or RV? Many people opt to purchase or lease a new vehicle because it removes the hassle of dealing with problems, issues and malfunctions that often come with investing in a used vehicle.

The handful of miles and the fresh smell of a new car provide security to new vehicle owners that nothing will go wrong, breakdowns will not occur and certainly no trips to the auto mechanic will be necessary.

But all too often, many new vehicles are manufactured poorly and come off assembly lines with defects. They are referred to as lemons.

Fortunately, the state of California has a law that protects consumers who, unbeknownst to them, drive off with a new, yet defective, car, truck, SUV and RV.

It’s known as the California Lemon Law.

California Lemon Law: The Basics

In basic terms, if an individual has purchased or leased a new vehicle, and the manufacturer is unable to repair the vehicle after a reasonable number of repair attempts, and the defect substantially impairs the vehicle’s use, value or safety, that individual can seek a replacement or repurchase of the vehicle from the manufacturer.

However, before a vehicle can be classified as a lemon under the law and provide relief to a consumer, specific criteria must be met. The vehicle must, for instance, still be covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty and have undergone a certain number of repair attempts.

Unsure If You Have A Lemon?

If you or a loved one is experiencing continuous issues with a new or leased car, truck, SUV, recreational vehicle or trailer, like steering problems, engine or transmission failure, or any other problems, and you are unsure if the vehicle qualifies for a replacement or repurchase under the law, speaking to a qualified lawyer with knowledge of California Lemon Law is advised.

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