Kia Recalls Vehicles Over Fire Hazard

Safety is the most important aspect on the road and if a manufacturer's designs are unsafe, they should be repaired or replaced. A recent recall of thousands of vehicles shows that it is vital to be aware of the possibility of buying a lemon.

USAToday reports over 200,000 vehicles recalled by KIA for fire concerns. It is just one in a series of automotive problems from the South Korean company–some of which include engine fires in recent years.

The recall covers Sedona minivans and Sorento SUVs from 2006-2010 depending on what make. A certain brake computer in the vehicle can be exposed to water, cause an electrical short and possibly a fire. Dealers will install a new relay in order to stop power from the particular computer while the engine is off. Investigations from last April were opened after getting complaints of over 3,000 fires and over 100 injuries.

Kia claims the rate of fire is low but is also telling owners to park their vehicles outside and away from structures.

Recalls on older vehicles do not fall precisely in line with lemon laws but that does not stop stories like today's from reminding us just how important it is to be aware of these practices. Whether your vehicle is new and has not been the topic of safety studies or if its an old, leased vehicle that may fall in this category, lemon law protects customers. If a vehicle is under manufacturer warranty, it may be advisable to seek out legal counsel to see what options are available for safe tracking and car care.