A few methods for buying a reliable new car

While it is impossible to know with ironclad certainty that your new car will be a good one, you can at least increase your chances by using some research methods. A car that needs repeated repairs within the first year or two defeats the purpose of buying new.

You might not want to limit yourself to certain car makes and models, but it is one way to reduce your chance of getting a lemon.

Most reliable cars for 2019 and 2020

U.S. News puts out an annual report on the predicted reliability of new car models, allowing consumers some information on which car models might do well. This of course does not preclude any of these models from developing repeated problems, but it is one piece of information that you might want to consider. The report for 2020 lists these five models as the cars with the highest predicted reliability, starting with the top pick:

  • 2020 Toyota Corolla
  • 2019 Mini Cooper
  • 2019 Mini Cooper Clubman
  • 2019 Buick LaCrosse
  • 2019 Chevrolet Cruze

U.S. News is only one of many publications that put out best car lists. Additional information is available from Consumer Reports, Edmonds, Business Insider, Auto Guide and other sources.

Best methods for buying a good car

USA Today reported on the most reliable vehicles as identified by Consumer Reports for 2020. The upshot of the report is that brand new models and even redesigned models are an untested commodity. It could take a year or two before the reliability of these new cars is evident. As such, it could make sense to buy a model that has already exhibited a high level of reliability, or to wait a year or two before buying a new design. Consumer Reports also reports on the overall reliability of brands.