Thousands of Ram Trucks Recalled for Rear View Camera Failure

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Ram trucks have seen a considerable number of recalls over the past year or more. From faulty fuel pumps, electrical system problems, and airbag inflator issues, Ram trucks have a history of recalls issued due to defects that can significantly impact the safety of the vehicle. Stellantis, Ram’s parent company, issued two more recalls in June 2022. Both recalls concern a backup camera problem that can prevent the image from properly displaying on the screen to assist the operator when the vehicle is in reverse.

What is the Problem That Led to the Ram Truck Recall?

The latest Ram truck recall results from an issue with the rearview camera system in the Ram 1500 and 2500 pickup trucks, model year 2022, as well as 2022 3500 Cab Chassis vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 10,000 pounds. Nearly 118,000 of these trucks were manufactured with an incompatible rearview camera system and radio combination. The defect — which was first discovered in November 2021 at an assembly plant — can prevent the rearview image from displaying under certain conditions.

A separate recall concerns a software problem involving the trailer reverse steering system in 14,000 Ram 1500 pickup trucks, model year 2021 which were manufactured between June 12, 2020, and April 16, 2021. The system is meant to assist drivers with backing up when a trailer is attached. In the affected vehicles, the backup camera may fail to properly display an image and increase the risk of a crash. Owners may also notice a warning light appearing in connection with the vehicle’s electronic throttle control on the instrument panel located behind the steering wheel.

What Should You Do if Your Ram Truck Was Recalled?

In the event your vehicle was among those that were recalled, you should receive a notice in the mail from Stellantis. The notice advises of the specific problem that led to the recall and conveys information regarding the manufacturer’s fix and the measures you should take to obtain the remedy. As with any recall, the manufacturer will be providing a remedy at no cost to vehicle owners — in these specific cases, Ram will perform a software update to repair the rear view camera issues.

If you do not receive a notice and are unsure whether your Ram vehicle is part of either recall, you can contact Ram customer service at (800) 853-1403. The manufacturer’s number for the recall affecting the 2022 models is Z47, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) campaign number is 22V-407. For the recall impacting the model year 2021 trucks, the manufacturer’s number to reference is Y30 and the NHTSA campaign number is 21V438.

Importantly, you can also determine whether your vehicle is part of a current Ram truck recall — or any past recall — by checking the NHTSA website. The search feature reveals any vehicle that has been affected by a recall within the last 15 years that has yet to be repaired.

Does the Ram Truck Recall Mean Your Vehicle is a Lemon?

Although a vehicle recall can be an inconvenience and a hassle, it doesn’t always mean your car is a lemon. In cases involving recalls, the manufacturer typically identifies a remedy and the problem is quickly fixed with just one trip to the dealership. In California, there are very specific criteria that must be satisfied to qualify for a remedy under the Lemon Law.

Critically, the defect must be one that cannot be repaired within a reasonable number of attempts — generally four repair attempts are sufficient to bring a lemon law claim. Only two repair attempts may be necessary if the problem was one that could cause a danger or hazard. In addition, to qualify as a lemon, the vehicle must have been:

  • Substantially impaired by the defect in connection with its value or safety
  • Purchased within the state of California
  • Under the original manufacturer’s warranty at the time the defect arose

A vehicle can also qualify for a remedy or replacement under California’s Lemon Law if it remained in the repair shop for a period of 30 days or more and was not fixed. There is also a legal presumption that a vehicle is a lemon if the nonconformity occurred within the first 18,000 miles driven or within 18 months of the vehicle’s delivery. Since the burden of proof is not on the owner to prove their case when the presumption arises, this can make it easier to pursue a lemon law claim.

Contact an Experienced Southern California Lemon Law Attorney

If you bought a Ram truck or another vehicle that failed to conform to the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be eligible to pursue a legal remedy under California’s Lemon Law. It’s best to consult with a knowledgeable California Lemon Law attorney who can advise you regarding your legal rights and remedies. The attorneys at The Ledbetter Law Firm are dedicated to providing consumers with adept advocacy and skillful representation to help ensure they obtain the compensation they deserve.

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