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What is mediation on lemon law claims?

Many people believe that anything involving the law will eventually end up in court, but this is a falsity. In fact, many civil claims of all varieties never go to a judge. It is very possible if you reach out to the manufacturer of your lemon that t… Read More
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How can you avoid buying a used car that is a lemon?

California’s lemon law may provide some protections if you buy a defective used car. Your research and inspection of a used auto may highlight potential problems before you drive off the lot. What research can you do? Ask your seller for a free veh… Read More
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What is a typical timeline for California lemon law claims?

Once you realize your broken-down car qualifies for California’s Lemon Law, you may wonder what the timeline for this process is. If your dealer or manufacturer cannot repair your vehicle, the process of filing for a replacement or refund could… Read More
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What is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act?

For California residents like you, a car is one of the biggest purchases you will make. For many, it is the second biggest buy outside of your home. You take time and effort combing through car sites and going to dealerships to find the one that is r… Read More
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What vehicles does the lemon law cover?

For many people, a vehicle is a significant purchase. If, shortly after getting it, the buyer notices significant defects and issues, this is a big deal. Fortunately, California has a Lemon Law that protects owners of new cars. Depending on the speci… Read More
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Pandemic leaves LA car owners stuck in limbo with pending warranty repairs

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of life in California, including car owners’ ability to get their vehicles repaired. A recent report in the Los Angeles Times detailed an ongoing situation involving the Nissani Brothers… Read More
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What are the requirements for lemon arbitration?

Under California’s lemon laws, you may be eligible for a neutral third party official to determine if your car is a lemon. This process can be helpful if you have previously had the vehicle repaired multiple times. Purchase requirements Arbitra… Read More
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What is the “lemon law presumption”?

In 1970, the state of California enacted the Song-Beverley Consumer Warranty Act. Per this act, all manufacturers must replace or repurchase faulty products that they were unable to repair after a “reasonable number” of repair attempts. According… Read More
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How can you choose a reliable car?

When a car dealership burns you, it can be difficult to hit the market again. When it comes to car ratings, you can turn to J.D. power or Consumer Reports for car reliability ratings. Either source provides information to help consumers avoid lemons.… Read More
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California Lemon Law: What is covered?

When buying a new vehicle, you may feel overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of owning your own car. Most cars come with warranties, ensuring that the manufacturer will fix any problems that may arise with your new vehicle. Yet, since you purc… Read More
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