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Vehicle defect in braking systems concerning for drivers

New vehicles promise improved safety through the addition of many high-tech features. In fact, advanced safety features are among the top reasons why consumers purchase new vehicles. However, some safety advocates wonder if these features may create more danger, especially if they do not work properly. A prime example is the Nissan Rogue's automatic emergency braking system. California drivers of these vehicles may learn of this vehicle defect at the worst possible moment.

Several high profile news stories revealed that AEB systems can fail to activate, resulting in deadly collisions, as occurred with the Tesla automated vehicle. The difference between avoiding a collision and suffering catastrophic injuries can be a fraction of a second, so defective AEB systems are certainly something to cause alarm. In the past year, over 800 consumers have filed complaints about a defect in the AEB systems of their Nissan Rogues.

The complaints facing Nissan, however, involve braking systems that activate without cause. Drivers traveling on highways in California and across the country have had their Nissans display brake activation then stop suddenly when the road ahead was clear. In several instances, this resulted in accidents and injuries.

Nissan has promised to address the problem and is inviting Rogue owners to return their vehicles to a Nissan dealership for software updates. Consumers hope this will be the end of the issue. However, not every car owner is that fortunate. Dealing with a vehicle defect in a new car can be frustrating, but having a skilled attorney can improve one's chances of reaching a satisfying resolution.

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