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Starting the lemon law claims process

Buying a vehicle is a significant commitment. It means complying with California laws for registration and insurance, keeping up with routine maintenance and usually paying on a loan. This already expensive purchase can become even more costly if the vehicle requires multiple returns to the dealer for repairs. After several trips to a mechanic, a car owner may wonder how to begin the lemon law claims process.

Since this process can be complex, the first step for many is to seek the advice of an attorney who handles consumer law. Such an attorney will likely recommend starting the claims process by sending notice to the car manufacturer and the dealer. This certified letter provides the appropriate parties with information about the vehicle's defects, including a description of the efforts the car owner has already made to resolve the issue.

Some manufacturers insist on using arbitration to settle a lemon law case. This is where a legal advocate can be helpful. California does not require this step, so it will be beneficial to know one's options and the most appropriate course of action if the car manufacturer refuses to respect one's rights under the lemon law.

Many California consumers find that car manufacturers are not eager to address the problems they are having with a vehicle. If the manufacturer does acknowledge the defect, it may attempt to negotiate a resolution. This is why it is important for consumers to have skilled legal representation throughout the lemon law claims process. An attorney will have knowledge of the laws and can work to secure a fair outcome for the consumer.

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