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Problems with their vehicles do not prevent retailer sales

Buying a vehicle is not a small step. Often, there are a number of considerations when making such a significant purchase, including which dealership to buy from. Even if one retailer seems reputable, California residents could still run into problems with their vehicles.

It was recently reported that the largest car retailer in the country has been selling vehicles with defects. AutoNation reportedly puts vehicles on the market that have been recalled due to issues, and it continues to sell the vehicles even though the defects have not been repaired. A report looked into more than 2,400 vehicles sold from various AutoNation retailers across the country and found that one out of every nine vehicles sold from the retailer had defects.

The report did note that the retailer puts information regarding recalls on its website. However, there is concern that the company is not doing enough to ensure that customers understand the risks of buying a vehicle that has a defect. In many cases, serious defects could cause vehicles to malfunction and put those in the vehicle and others nearby at risk of serious injury.

When individuals buy a used car, they may think that the possibility of issues exists, but when buying from a retailer, they may feel more confident in their purchase. If California residents purchase vehicles with defects, problems with their vehicles could be detrimental. It may be wise for individuals who purchased vehicles from this retailer -- or others -- and experienced serious issues to explore information regarding lemon laws and how they may apply to their situations.

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