Military Members And California Lemon Law

Under California law, consumers are protected when vehicles are defective and multiple attempts to make repairs have failed. Moreover, there are special protections that apply to military members. Whether you are currently serving in the armed forces or your spouse or another family member is in the military, it is important to look into these issues if you are struggling as a result of a defective vehicle.

From high levels of stress and other emotional hurdles to fatigue and serious injuries, military members face many hardships and they deserve justice when dealing with additional hardships as a result of a defective vehicle.

Lemon law protections that apply to military members

Military members, as well as other consumers in California, are protected when a vehicle that is still covered by a new car warranty is defective. According to the Office of the Attorney General, manufacturers held liable under lemon law are required to repurchase or replace defective vehicles. Furthermore, military members who are residents of California or stationed in the state are covered under this law even if the vehicle was registered in another state or bought outside of California.

Lemon law and your rights

If you are losing sleep over a defective vehicle, you need to immediately take action if your rights are not respected. Military members and all consumers deserve a voice when they encounter these problems after purchasing a new car. If you are unsure whether you are protected under California lemon law, it is very important to explore the details of the law and look into your options.