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Legal claims could result if recalled vehicles are lemons

Buying a new vehicle is not always a guarantee that it will run perfectly. Most vehicles have warranties that account for this possibility, but even with that assurance, a vehicle could still turn out to be a lemon. If a manufacturer is unable to fix an issue with a new vehicle, it is possible that legal claims could be warranted.

California readers may be interested in a vehicle recall recently issued by Mazda. According to reports, a software problem with over 260,000 cars and SUVs could cause those vehicles to drive improperly or even stall while in operation. These issues pose significant dangers as a serious accident could result if a driver loses control or a vehicle stalls on the roadway.

At the time of the report, no serious accidents or injuries had been made known to the company. It was also reported that dealerships will conduct a software update on the affected vehicles that will hopefully fix the issue. Owners of the affected vehicles should receive notification in the mail regarding the recall, but concerned parties could also check the NHTSA website for open recalls.

Though the update will hopefully fix the issue with these vehicles, there is a possibility that it will not. If problems persist, California owners may feel that they have ended up with lemons. If so, they may wish to contact attorneys knowledgeable in legal claims regarding the state's lemon laws to determine whether taking legal action in efforts to seek compensation could suit their particular circumstances.

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