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January recalls could affect California car owners

When the government shuts down, it has a wider effect than most people realize. During the latest shutdown, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not keep up on issuing vehicle recalls as it normally does. It may not be surprising that at least two recalls occurred in January about which California car owners may need to know.

The first involves the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus that only affects around 2,300 of the mid-size SUVs. However, the recall has to do with the vehicle's hands on/off detection system, which may not function properly and not realize that a driver does not have his or her hands on the wheel. Obviously, this could lead to a crash if for some reason, a driver fails to be holding onto the steering wheel as he or she should while driving.

The second involves two of Hyundai's vehicles -- the 2013-2014 Santa Fe Sport and the 2011-2014 Sonata. This recall affects approximately 100,000 vehicles that could experience a fuel leak due a defective engine, which could cause a fire, especially in a crash. Kia may need to recall vehicles for the same purpose since it is the sister company to Hyundai.

If a California car owner has one of these vehicles, it would be prudent to determine whether it is involved in one of these recalls. Even though these may seem like relatively minor issues, the consequences could be disastrous if someone gets hurt. As is the case with any automobile manufacturing recall, those who suffer injuries due to the defective vehicles may have legal recourse and may pursue restitution for their losses.

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