Is your new RV impacted by lemon laws?

The new lemon laws passed across the nation are nothing to ignore. In California, if you own a newer vehicle that has serious defects or needs a certain amount of repairs, you should know what laws impact you. In addition, it is not just cars and motorcycles covered under this new set of guidelines. It also impacts RV owners, which means it is imperative to know exactly what qualifies as a lemon.

The most important piece of information to understand is exactly what a lemon is, and what you qualify for as an RV owner under the lemon laws. According to the DMV Organization, a lemon vehicle is one that, within 18 months or 18,000 miles of use, has the following issues happen:

  • Has automotive problems occur that are not the fault of you, the owner
  • Been out of service for over 30 days directly due to repair issues
  • Had four or more attempts by manufacturer to repair the same warranty issue and still does not work
  • Had two or more attempts to fix a warranty problem that could result in death or severe injury to the driver

Once you have an RV that qualifies as a lemon, you must make sure to alert the dealer. If the dealer will not take action, then you also can contact the manufacturer. It is also a smart idea to keep detailed notes of the services and fixes you try. Having a log helps you keep track of the repair history of the RV and may be useful as reference.

You have the ability to replace or refund your RV, and if the manufacturer refuses, you may take legal action.