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Fulltime RVers rely on California lemon laws

Purchasing an RV or camper is not something you do on an impulse. You may have spent years planning and saving until you were ready to shop for the perfect RV. It had to be safe, reliable and comfortable enough to live in, especially if you planned to RV full time or to spend entire seasons in your new recreational vehicle. If traveling across California or even seeing the country was your plan, you never thought you would end up with a lemon for an RV.

It's one thing to be stranded when your car breaks down. However, if your new RV lets you down, you may be stranded hundreds or thousands of miles from home, far from anything you know or anyone you trust. This may be even more frustrating if an RV manufacturer's mechanic is unable to find the reason for the problem.

Returning your RV to a mechanic numerous times for the same repair or finding that the vehicle is consistently revealing more problems means you are spending less time on the road and more money on hotels. You may begin wondering if you made a terrible mistake purchasing an RV, especially if you sold your house and made a leap of faith. Fortunately, there are lemon laws that may apply to your situation.

If you purchased and registered your RV in California, The Ledbetter Law Firm is ready to guide you in pursuing a claim under the lemon law. This law requires the manufacturer to replace or repurchase an RV after you have made reasonable attempts to have it repaired. You may find the process of filing a claim for protection under the lemon law to be a challenge. However, our law firm has extensive experience in aggressively pursuing satisfaction for RV owners.

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