Could corroding issue result in certain Nissans being lemons?

Having an issue with a vehicle is a problem practically every driver wants to avoid. Of course, it is not always possible to avoid defects or flaws in vehicles even if drivers do their best to regularly maintain them. When an unavoidable issue arises, some manufacturers choose to fix the problem at no cost to the consumer, but if the problems cannot be easily fixed, the vehicles may turn out to be lemons.

California readers may be interested in a "service campaign" that Nissan is conducting to address an issue with the suspension of their Altima vehicles. According to reports, the issue revolves around a suspension part coming loose due to corroding. The issue does not yet warrant a full recall of the vehicle, but it was noted that the company is continuing to investigate the issue, which could affect over two million cars.

At the time of the report, approximately 200,000 Altimas were expected to be fixed as part of the campaign, and they span over 22 states. It appears that the corroding issue is particularly prevalent in states where road salt is used in the winter, but the company did state that vehicles outside these states could experience the problem. The report noted that no accidents or injuries had occurred yet, but nearly 140 owners filed complaints about the issue.

Though Nissan is taking steps to correct the issue, it is yet to be seen if the attempts will fully eliminate the corroding problem. If it does not prove successful, some drivers may feel as if they ended up with lemons. Unfortunately, owning a lemon could affect numerous drivers in various states for multiple reasons. If California drivers believe that they have landed in this situation, they may wish to look into their legal options for seeking compensation.