Vehicle recalls could expose lemons

It is not unusual for California residents to want to buy new products as opposed to used ones in certain situations. When it comes to buying a car, numerous individuals prefer new vehicles because they believe that buying new lessens the likelihood of buying lemons. However, that is not necessarily true, and many people may realize that when their vehicles become the subject of a recall.

A recall commonly takes place when a vehicle manufacturer determines that a defect exists with a vehicle that may make it unsafe to drive. As a result, the manufacturer will attempt to inform owners of the affected makes and models so that the owners can take their vehicles to the appropriate dealerships for free repairs. Recall letters are typically sent, but they may not reach every owner. Still, if the owner of an affected vehicle learns of the recall, it is wise to have the vehicle checked and repaired promptly.

Depending on the exact safety issue, it may not mean that vehicle owners are in immediate danger. However, whenever a risk of harm is present, it is wise to address the hazard as soon as possible. Vehicle manufacturers have an obligation to make repairs for issues related to a recall free of charge.

In some cases, manufacturers are unable to fix issues with vehicles that impair their operating abilities. Unfortunately, this can even happen with new vehicles. If California residents have experienced this type of predicament, they may have inadvertently purchased lemons. If so, they may want to look into their legal options for possible remedies.