Truck manufacturer blames water for tailgate malfunction

Most people in California purchase pickup trucks, especially heavy-duty trucks, because they want to haul things. Manufacturers of pickup trucks often use their dependability as a selling point. However, dependability does not always refer only to the way the engine runs. When it comes to a truck, the body of the vehicle must be strong and reliable. One manufacturer is receiving complaints that its truck has a serious flaw in its body.

Ford's popular heavy-duty F-250 and F-350 are now under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after the agency received complaints from five consumers that the tailgates on their trucks do not remain shut. The NHTSA plans to investigate over 54,000 models from 2017 to see why some of the tailgates spontaneously open when the vehicle is in motion. Although no injuries have yet been reported to the NHTSA, there is the possibility that a truck carrying cargo may lose its load, which can result in damage to other vehicles or cause an accident.

The auto maker suspects water may intrude into the wiring harnesses of the pickup trucks. This could make the tailgates unlatch and fall open. There is also the possibility that this chain of events may cause further damage to the truck itself. So far, there is no recall on the Ford trucks, but this may change as the investigation proceeds.

No current recall means consumers will likely have to pay out of pocket for repairs if their vehicles have the defect. This can be frustrating, especially if a defect requires numerous returns to the mechanic before the problem is resolved. Consumers have the right to seek satisfaction from the manufacturer if they purchase a vehicle that is defective, and a skilled California attorney can be of assistance in these matters.