Toyota still recalling vehicles, and some could be in Los Angeles

It seems as though several years have gone by since the initial recall of defective airbags made by Takata. The issue required the recall of millions of vehicles across the world, including many here in Los Angeles, beginning in 2016. Despite this, Toyota continues to have to issue recalls for this particular defect.

Here it is 2019, and the car manufacturer recently issued yet another recall for the defective airbags. This time, it affects some 1.7 million Toyota vehicles. Reports indicate that this is not a new recall, but instead, a continuation of the one begun over two years ago now. Apparently, another 16.7 million may still need to be fixed, and owners could receive notices on them at some point in the future.

Toyota is not alone, however. Ford Motor Company also recalled approximately one million of its vehicles recently. Sources estimate that somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million vehicles worldwide, which span 17 automobile manufacturers, need repairs for this issue. In 2018 alone, 7.2 million of the 37 million vehicles subject to the recall in the United States received repairs. Sadly, many vehicles did not receive the repairs in time to save the lives of 23 people across the globe.

For those families, Takata, Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers did not deal with the problem fast enough. Families in this country who lost loved ones, or survivors who suffered injuries could file claims against one or more parties for the losses they incurred. If any of them reside here in Los Angeles, they could still have time to pursue justice, along with restitution, for their losses.