Some in Los Angeles may not be able to count on their seat belts

One of the things drilled into the heads of new drivers is to wear their seat belts at all times. These restraints do save lives, but only if they work properly. Sadly, it is possible that some here in Los Angeles may not be able to count on their seat belts, which could put their lives in danger.

More than 100,000 2015 Lincoln MKZs and Ford Fusions are the subject of a recall because of defective seat belt cable anchors. An overheating issue could cause failure of the seat belt during a crash. At that point, the injuries suffered by drivers and their passengers could easily increase in severity.

Apparently, the fix is simply putting a protective coating on the cable. Even so, Ford says it will not begin to send out notices to owners until Sept. 9. By then, dealerships should be prepared to handle the repair, which will not be charged to the affected vehicle owners. The automaker is encouraging owners to have the repair done as soon as possible after receiving the notice in order to help ensure that this particular issue will not hinder safety.

As is the case with many vehicle recalls, the information and repairs may not happen in time to prevent serious injury or death. If that happens to a Los Angeles resident who owns a vehicle with a safety recall, his or her life could change forever. It may be possible to seek restitution from the parties believed to bear legal liability for the incident. Anyone in this position may want to find out whether this would be the best course of action under the circumstances. Contact our attorneys today to ask your questions.