Questions a Los Angeles lawyer will ask about a lemon law claim

Buying a vehicle is a tricky prospect for anyone. Even new vehicles can have unanticipated problems. Los Angeles residents who believe they were sold a lemon at one of the area's car dealerships may want to do some research to find out.

If this is you, then you might want to ask yourself some questions before you take any further action. Is the vehicle new or used? Is it under warranty? You may need to provide as much documentation as possible regarding the history of the vehicle.

Has the vehicle had numerous issues? Has the same issue arisen numerous times and the dealership failed to fix it? In some cases, the dealer is unable to reproduce the problem when you take it in for service.

It is important to make note of all of the "symptoms" you notice. Smells, sounds and noises often accompany vehicle problems. If you have a loan on the vehicle, gather those documents. Keep this and all other pertinent documentation handy, so that you can take them with you if you schedule a consultation with an attorney, especially if you had any communications with the dealership and/or manufacturer regarding returning the vehicle for a refund or receiving another vehicle in its place.

Regardless of the issues with the vehicle, you remain responsible for the payments on it. It can be frustrating to keep paying for a vehicle that you cannot safely operate. A Los Angeles attorney with experience in handling lemon law claims can help you determine whether your vehicle falls under the applicable laws and can then assist you with your claim.