Power steering defects cause Subaru to halt production

When consumers buy new vehicles, they typically expect those vehicles to not have any major issues. However, problems can arise during the manufacturing process that could result in brand new vehicles having defects before they even hit the road. As a result, California consumers could be at risk of their vehicles having faulty parts.

It was recently reported that vehicle manufacturer Subaru has stopped production of two of its most popular models, the Forester and the Crosstrek. Apparently, an out-of-country operation that sells the vehicles to American dealerships has been producing these vehicles with a potential steering defect. The production plant was shut down while countermeasures are being put in place to ensure that the defect does not affect more vehicles.

It was noted that approximately 10,000 vehicles in the United States may be affected by this power steering defect, but the report indicated that those vehicles had not been sold to consumers. It was also noted that those vehicles would not be sold until the defect is repaired. The report also stated that a shortage of these vehicles could result in the United States if the shutdown continues.

Everyone wants a vehicle that is reliable and does not pose any serious safety risks. Unfortunately, as this case shows, vehicles could have problems from the get-go. If California residents have suffered due to vehicle defects, they may want to determine whether they could take action to address the issues. Consulting with attorneys experienced in this area of law may prove useful to interested parties.