New vehicles could be affected by recalls

While buying a new car can be an exciting experience, it is also one that should be taken seriously. After all, making this type of purchase is a major investment, and California consumers certainly do not want to wind up with a lemon. Of course, some recalls could affect their new vehicles.

Though recalls do not seem uncommon these days, it is still important that individuals who own recalled vehicles have them checked. Recalls could apply to safety features that have defects, such as airbags, or to other features of the vehicle that could cause it to work improperly or present dangers to drivers and passengers. If a recall is ignored, vehicle owners lose the chance of having a potentially dangerous aspect of their cars inspected and fixed as necessary.

In most cases, information regarding recalls will be mailed to individuals who are on file as owning the affected make and model. However, it is possible that recall information will not reach every vehicle owner when necessary. If individuals are concerned whether their vehicles could have active recalls, they may wish to check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website for more information.

It is also important not to ignore recalls because doing so could affect any lemon law claims that individuals may want to file at a later time. These claims are often warranted when issues with new vehicles cannot be fixed even after multiple attempts. As a result, having evidence that a California driver complied with a recall but still did not have the issues fixed could be important to later legal claims.