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New vehicle issues may have some considering lemon law claims

Many vehicle owners dread hearing a strange noise coming from their vehicle or experiencing a jolting movement as something does not work correctly. While most drivers and vehicle owners are no stranger to the occasional auto issue, it can be frustrating when the problems occur soon after purchase and persist. In some cases, issues may have vehicle owners considering lemon law claims.

When it comes to making a lemon law claim, the vehicle must have been sold or leased in California to make a claim in the state. The laws cover vehicles that have a new vehicle warranty and that have been purchased within the last 18 months or that have less than 18,000 miles. If the automakers make a reasonable number of repair attempts but the vehicle still does not work, the vehicle must be replaced or bought back.

When it comes to a reasonable number of repair attempts, it typically means that the dealership has tried at least twice to make repairs for an issue that could cause injury or death. It also refers to a vehicle staying in for repairs for more than 30 days in total, or a dealership making at least four attempts to fix the same issue that does not necessarily have the potential to cause harm. If repairs are not made, drivers may understandably feel frustrated.

California vehicle owners in this type of predicament may wonder how they can get dealerships to abide by the law. While it may not always seem easy, dealerships must adhere to the state lemon law stipulations. If owners are having difficulties addressing their concerns, they may want to obtain legal support from attorneys.

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