Issues with an RV could lead to recalls, lemon law claims

Buying an RV or another similar vehicle is a major purchase. It is somewhat comparable to buying a new home as many people will use the vehicle as living quarters while traveling or for other reasons. Because of the importance of this type of vehicle to those who buy them, California consumers want to make sure they run properly. Issues with an RV or motor home could be disastrous.

It was recently reported that Thor Motor Coach has issued a recall due to a problem with multiple models of its motor homes. Apparently, the battery isolation manager or batter isolation relay could experience an early failure or experience electrical arcing due to battery cables becoming loose. If arcing occurs, there is an increased chance that a fire could start inside the vehicle.

The affected models are all year 2020 and include the Daybreak, Freedom Elite, Chateau, Four Winds, Outlaw, Majestic and Quantum motor homes. In all, 1,941 vehicles are affected. Owners of these vehicles should be notified, and dealers will repair the issue at no cost to the owners. It was not mentioned whether the defect had caused any serious issues for any owners.

Issues with an RV can be immensely disheartening for owners, and in some cases, the problems are not as easily fixed as dealers and manufacturers may have hoped. If California motor home owners experience issues with their vehicles that continue even after attempts at repairs, the vehicles could be classified as lemons. If so, owners may want to reach out to attorneys experienced with state lemon laws to determine what their best courses of action may be.