How can California vehicle owners keep track of recalls?

When purchasing a used vehicle, buyers usually take the time to look into the history of the vehicle to make sure they are getting what they expect and pay for, which often includes ascertaining whether any recalls existed on the vehicle and if repairs were made. California buyers may be satisfied with what they find and make their purchases. The question is how to keep up with recall information thereafter.

With the rising number of vehicle recalls that appear to be happening on an increasingly regular basis, vehicle owners here in California and elsewhere are probably understandably nervous that the vehicle they own could end up on such a list and not know it until something goes wrong. To avoid this, they could sign up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to receive email alerts of recalls. Another way to help ensure the receipt of recall information is to make sure the registration remains updated with the correct address and other contact information.

Other ways to receive much-needed information include registering the vehicle with the manufacturer and/or with the Carfax recall check service. Both of these registrations are free. Making use of these information sources is important for new car owners, but even more so for used car owners since these vehicles can be sold without recall repairs.

There are far too many instances of recall information failing to get to consumers in time. California vehicle owners could suffer serious or fatal injuries before they receive such information or can get a dealership to make the necessary repairs. If that happens, victims and their families may take the time to investigate their rights and legal options.