Getting help with the lemon law claims process

Car buyers in California and across the country are fortunate to have laws to protect them from defective or dangerous merchandise. This includes everything from medicine to automobiles. While lawmakers have good intentions when they draft these laws, it is not always easy to get the manufacturers of these products to comply so that the consumer is satisfied. This may be especially true for the lemon law claims process.

If a consumer purchases a car that requires numerous repairs while its warranty is still valid, the manufacturer or dealer is required to replace the vehicle or make a refund to the owner. However, it is not that simple. To set the lemon law process in motion, the car owner must have given the manufacturer a reasonable chance to make the repairs. The process goes much smoother with more chance of success if the car owner keeps all relevant documents and makes a detailed log of the attempts to repair the vehicle.

Using that information, the consumer then drafts and sends a certified letter to the manufacturer detailing the issue and requesting a refund for the vehicle. It may be helpful to learn if other owners of the same make or model vehicle have had similar problems. Since the next steps likely involve persistence in the face of pushback from the car manufacturer, consumers would be wise to seek legal advice.

Many car purchases include an agreement to use arbitration to resolve disputes. Having a skilled attorney on one's side can improve the chances of reaching a satisfying conclusion through this process. A California attorney with experience in consumer advocacy and the lemon law claims process can assist one from the earliest signs of trouble.