Gather proof for your Lemon Law complaint

California's Lemon Law offers an important protection for consumers who are purchasing a new vehicle, and in limited cases, a used vehicle. The law has specific criteria for vehicles that have these protections. It is imperative that any consumer who is going to purchase a vehicle understands whether their vehicle qualifies or not.

When you buy a vehicle, you should pay close attention to how it is performing. If you notice any problems, have them addressed quickly. This gives you a chance to resolve them before they get worse. Plus, you might miss your chance to file a Lemon Law claim if your case meets the criteria for one.

Make detailed notes

As you notice issues with your car, make a note of the problems. Think about what you were doing when you noticed it, where you were, what was going on and what types of noises you heard, if any. The more information you have, the better you'll be able to get the vehicle repaired or determine whether you need to file a claim.

Make sure that you note the date and time on anything you write down. This can help you down the road when you are trying to put a timeline together. If you think that the location is a factor in what happened, write that down. You can keep all of this in a notebook just so it is easy to refer to when you are on the phone or dealing with your claim.

Keep all documentation

When you have any work done to your vehicle, keep the documentation. Even if you don't think that it is important, keep it. All of this might be very important when you are trying to show that your vehicle is a lemon. The more you have to back up what you're claiming, the more likely your case will be successful.

The documentation might not need to be directly related to the issue. In some cases, being able to show that you had regular maintenance on the vehicle is important. For this reason, keep a record of anything you do to the car.

File your claim quickly

You should file your Lemon Law complaint quickly. These cases have a strict time limit, so acting quickly is imperative. This law sets some options for complaint resolution, so you should understand what might happen before you press forward with your complaint.

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