Do you have a valid lemon law claim for your RV?

Getting a new vehicle is an exciting situation, especially if it is an RV. You have the chance to not only travel but have a home wherever you go. It opens up a world of possibilities to see all the sites within driving distance. Because you will be on the road a lot, you want to trust that the RV you buy is in good condition. Buying new can give you peace of mind because it means no wear and tear exists on the vehicle. Plus, your brand new RV comes with a warranty.

If you have something go wrong, the manufacturer or the dealer where you bought the vehicle should take it back and fix it at no cost to you. However, in some cases, the issue is incredibly serious and more than just a minor break down. It may be something that the warranty does not cover. If the manufacturer or dealer cannot fix the vehicle, you have options under the lemon law.


According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs, your RV must have under 18,000 and it must have been 18 months since you took possession. You must also have a situation where the issue could cause serious harm or death if left unfixed. In addition, the issues must be with the drivetrain, chassis cab or chassis.


It is also important to understand that you must give the manufacturer or dealer a chance to fix the issue before making a claim. Generally, this means giving them four chances to fix it in a satisfactory manner or having your RV in for service for over 30 days in total. If you have given them a fair chance and the RV still has the issue, then you can file a claim under the lemon law.

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