Continual vehicle problems may lead to lemon law claims

People across California have different reasons for wanting to buy a car. Some may have finally saved up enough to purchase their dream vehicles, and others may need new vehicles due to issues with their old ones. Whatever the reason, drivers want their new vehicles to be reliable, and if they are not, they may consider filing lemon law claims.

It was recently reported that a man in another state has filed a lawsuit against a car dealership due to issues with his vehicle. He apparently bought the vehicle new, and after the purchase, he discovered that the car had numerous issues, including a faulty air conditioner and a poor-performing front wheel. The car dealership also repaired the vehicle after it was involved in an accident.

The man claims that since the repairs, the vehicle has had continual problems. As a result, he has filed a lawsuit against the dealership for breach of warranty and breach of implied warranty. He is pursuing an unspecified amount of damages as part of the lawsuit along with attorney's fees and court costs.

Purchasing a new vehicle that experiences problem after problem can not only be disheartening but also dangerous in some cases. If California residents believe that they have purchased faulty vehicles or ones that the dealerships cannot properly repair, they may have reason to file lemon law claims. Because some parties may have little knowledge regarding this type of claim, it is wise to seek professional legal assistance to gain reliable information and help with this type of legal action.