Certain GM models suffer from defects affecting braking

Having a reliable vehicle can make a considerable difference in any California resident's life. Because most people's vehicles are immensely important to them, they often try to choose newer models that hopefully will not have any problems, at least for some time. Unfortunately, some newer GM vehicles could suffer from defects that could put travelers, and their investments, at risk.

It was recently reported that General Motors Co. has issued a recall due to a problem with certain SUVs and pickup trucks. Apparently, 638,000 vehicles in the United States are affected by the recall, which was issued due to a problem with a wheel-speed sensor. The sensor could stop working properly, and as a result, one of the wheels on the vehicle could brake unexpectedly.

This issue could cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle as the braking of one wheel would cause the vehicle to pull to one side. At the time of the report, GM was not aware of any accidents that had taken place as a result of the problem but approximately 150 claims of unintended braking had been made. It was unclear what intended fix -- if any -- GM has for the defect.

When vehicles suffer from defects, it is possible for manufacturers to find a repair for the problems. However, some problems may persist, and vehicle owners could find out that they purchased lemons. Though no California driver wants to end up in this predicament, it is not altogether uncommon. Fortunately, parties facing this type of ordeal may have legal options for seeking compensation for resulting damages.