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Carmakers discourage lemon law claims process

Vehicle owners in California and elsewhere often face many frustrations when dealing with a breakdown or other defect. They are fortunate when the mechanic quickly finds the trouble and repairs the problem effectively. However, when a new vehicle breaks down and the dealer's mechanic cannot repair the problem, car owners may have to begin the lemon law claims process.

This process involves collecting proof that the owner has made several unsuccessful attempts to repair the vehicle. The owner then contacts the manufacturer to report the issue. Theoretically, the manufacturer will offer to replace or repurchase the problem vehicle. Unfortunately, some manufacturers are not eager to do this. In fact, consumer advocates report that the toll-free number many car manufacturers publicize for complaints of lemons may connect consumers to a public relations agent, not someone who can really assist them.

The job of this agent is to prevent callers from pursuing a case through the courts. The agent may do so by attempting to convince the caller that his or her situation does not qualify for the California lemon law. While this explanation may contain lies or misinformation about the consumer's options, the agent may be within his or her rights to use these tactics to dissuade the caller from seeking redress from the car manufacturer.

Instead of taking the word of the car manufacturer about whether they should continue with the lemon law claims process, consumers may find more satisfaction by seeking legal advice. Consumer protection attorneys have a thorough understanding of the lemon law and the rights of consumers who purchase defective products, particularly motor vehicles. An attorney can give an unbiased evaluation of the case and inform the consumer of every available option for seeking a positive resolution.

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