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Private car sales

Does the Lemon Law Apply to Private Car Sales?

Dealerships aren’t the only place you might look to find a reasonably priced vehicle. If you’re in the market for a car, buying through a private party can sometimes get you a better deal. But when you purchase a vehicle from an individual rather… Read More
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Mercedes-Benz Recall

Mercedes-Benz Recall to Fix Emergency Call Issue

Known for manufacturing highly coveted luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is one of the most well-known automakers worldwide. If you invested in a Mercedes, you expect top-of-the-line quality and state-of-the-art features. But just because these cars are… Read More
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lemon lawsuit

What to Expect After You Win a Lemon Lawsuit

Nothing can be more frustrating than purchasing a new vehicle only to find out it has a problem that cannot be repaired, leading to a lemon lawsuit. Buying a car that doesn’t conform to its warranty can take up a considerable amount of your time an… Read More
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kia recall

Kia Recall on Over 300,000 Vehicles Due to Fire Risk

Many people purchase Kia vehicles believing that they will be safe and reliable. Unfortunately, like any other cars, these vehicles may also have their share of defects and problems. In fact, Kia recently announced a recall for 379,931 vehicles due t… Read More
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auto recalls

Study Shows Delayed Auto Recalls Appear in Clusters to Avoid Negative Attention

You may have noticed that when a vehicle recall is announced by an automaker, several others soon follow. Researchers suggest that this is not a coincidence. The study, “Hiding in the Herd: The Product Recall Clustering Phenomenon,” found that 73… Read More
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forced arbitration

Another Attempt to End Forced Arbitration in Lemon Law Cases

If you bought a new or pre-owned vehicle that has a defect, you will likely want to resolve the problem as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Unfortunately, some cars have issues that cannot be fixed, despite making several trips to the repair… Read More
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Lemon among vehicles

The Importance of Having a Lemon Law Attorney

If you’ve purchased a vehicle with a persistent problem or defect that can’t be repaired, you may start to wonder if you were sold a lemon. You may be aware that California has a lemon law to protect you from the hassle and inconvenience… Read More
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Car protection

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

A vehicle is a major purchase and a significant investment. When you spend a substantial amount of money on a vehicle, you may wonder what type of legal protections you have if a problem arises that can’t be repaired. California Lemon Law provi… Read More
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Wooden gavel in a courtroom

Will My Lemon Law Case Land Me in Court?

Buying a new car only to find out it has a recurring problem that makes it a lemon can be disappointing and aggravating. However, being burdened with a lemon vehicle may not only be inconvenient and costly. Depending on the defect, a lemon car can pr… Read More
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alarm clock

Hay un límite de tiempo para la Ley Limón de California: No Espere

Lidiar con un vehículo que tiene problemas puede causar considerables inconvenientes. Usted debería depender de su vehículo para llevarlo al trabajo, la escuela o cualquier otro lugar al que necesite ir. Un vehículo poco confiable no solo puede i… Read More
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