When a consumer purchases a new vehicle, the expectation is that the car will provide reliable transportation with no mechanical glitches. Warranties allow a consumer to return a vehicle for repairs if there is a problem, and a vehicle recall may address more universal defects. However, what happens when the recall repair creates an even more serious problem? Vehicle owners in California and elsewhere are finding out the hard way.

Last year, Toyota and Subaru recalled 400,000 vehicles to repair a spring valve that was vulnerable to fracturing. This resulted in vehicles stalling. While only 11 vehicle owners reported this problem in the space of three years, the carmakers issued a repair for the spring valve. However, the new valve seems to be causing even more trouble for car owners.

Within months of the recall, 75 drivers have reported catastrophic engine failures resulting from the spring valve repair. Vehicle owners say metal shavings from the spring valve falling into the engine caused their engines to die, sometimes dangerously in the midst of traffic. Several consumers report that their cars’ engines erupted in flames. Many of these incidents occurred within days or weeks of the recall repair.

Those who are fighting for justice following the defective repairs of the vehicle recall are not having an easy time. Car manufacturers are not always willing to admit their vehicles have a faulty design or their parts are substandard. With the help of a skilled attorney, California consumers can pursue the outcome they deserve when dealing with defective automobiles.