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What is covered by the California lemon law?

Lemon laws across the country protect consumers who purchase a vehicle that has a flaw or defect that the manufacturer or dealer cannot repair. Each state's laws are different but generally cover new vehicles purchased within the state. The California lemon law covers new vehicles, including motor homes and commercial vehicles, but not motorcycles or off-road vehicles. In some cases, the law may cover a used car that is still under a manufacturer's warranty.

Problems with their vehicles do not prevent retailer sales

Buying a vehicle is not a small step. Often, there are a number of considerations when making such a significant purchase, including which dealership to buy from. Even if one retailer seems reputable, California residents could still run into problems with their vehicles.

Vehicle defect in braking systems concerning for drivers

New vehicles promise improved safety through the addition of many high-tech features. In fact, advanced safety features are among the top reasons why consumers purchase new vehicles. However, some safety advocates wonder if these features may create more danger, especially if they do not work properly. A prime example is the Nissan Rogue's automatic emergency braking system. California drivers of these vehicles may learn of this vehicle defect at the worst possible moment.

Vehicle wear occurring early or often can cause serious problems

All vehicles experience issues at some point. In many cases, the problems could be fixed with routine maintenance, such as getting new brake pads, but some California vehicle owners may feel that their vehicles are showing problems too soon or too often. Unfortunately, early or often wear could point to serious problems.

How many repairs qualify a car as a lemon?

You wanted a luxury car since you were a child. You had posters on your walls. You daydreamed about it as you drove your old Honda Civic. You started saving money as soon as you got out of college and landed a full-time job, knowing how expensive the car would be -- but knowing you had to have it.

Issues with an RV could lead to recalls, lemon law claims

Buying an RV or another similar vehicle is a major purchase. It is somewhat comparable to buying a new home as many people will use the vehicle as living quarters while traveling or for other reasons. Because of the importance of this type of vehicle to those who buy them, California consumers want to make sure they run properly. Issues with an RV or motor home could be disastrous.

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