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Are airbag issues turning Toyotas into lemons?

As much as most consumers would like to have the perfect vehicle, nearly every make and model has its issues. Some problems could be minor that a slight adjustment could fix, and others may be substantial and put the entire effective use of the vehicle into question. Unfortunately, those issues could also put drivers at risk for financial losses due to purchasing lemons, or even put them at personal risk of suffering injuries.

California readers may be interested in a recent recall issued by Toyota. Though concerns about airbags have been prevalent in the past, they continue to be an issue with this recall. Apparently, the airbags in 191,000 Toyota cars in the United States and Japan may not work correctly in the event that the vehicles are involved in accidents. Specifically, some 2003 to 2008 Corolla models and 2005 to 2008 Matrix models were recalled.

Though previous attempts to fix the airbag issues were made from a prior recall, there are still hazards associated with them. Inflators for the front passenger airbags were installed during the previous recall, but now, there is concern that the airbags may not unfold properly in high temperatures or, if they do deploy, that the airbags may be damaged. These issues could result in injuries to vehicle occupants in the event of a crash.

Though the recalled vehicles could be repaired at no cost to the owners, there is the possibility that these attempts, like those in the past, will not fix the issue completely either. California vehicle owners may have concerns that the problems will persist and that they may have purchased lemons. If this appears to be the case, affected consumers may wish to gain information on seeking compensation for financial losses through lemon law claims.

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