Many California residents commute long distances to work, which means a lot of driving. Since many Los Angeles residents spend a significant amount of their days on highways, a good number of them purchase Toyota Prius or another hybrid vehicle in order to save on gas. These vehicles come with their own unique problems that could put their drivers in danger.

Toyota Prius relies on a substantial amount of electronics in order to switch between gas and electric propulsion. When those components are defective, they could fail at a most inopportune time. Back in 2014, the automaker recalled somewhere around 800,000 of these vehicles in order to fix inverter transistors that were breaking down while the vehicles were in motion. In Oct. 2018, a second recall was issued to address power failure detection and software updates.

Now, Toyota Motor Company is issuing yet another recall due to no less than 20,000 complaints regarding the failure of the electric power system. One of Southern California’s largest auto dealers brought the problem to the attention of the automaker. It said the company only updated the software, but failed to fix the inverters in many of the affected vehicles. In fact, the auto dealer filed a lawsuit against Toyota over it.

Toyota does not have the best track record when it comes to recalls. In fact, it has paid numerous fines over safety defects. Los Angeles Toyota Prius owners who suffered injuries due to issues relating to the recall, or other issues, may be able to pursue restitution from the automaker to help with the financial losses incurred as a result of the company’s deficiencies.