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Vehicle recalls could expose lemons

It is not unusual for California residents to want to buy new products as opposed to used ones in certain situations. When it comes to buying a car, numerous individuals prefer new vehicles because they believe that buying new lessens the likelihood of buying lemons. However, that is not necessarily true, and many people may realize that when their vehicles become the subject of a recall.

A recall commonly takes place when a vehicle manufacturer determines that a defect exists with a vehicle that may make it unsafe to drive. As a result, the manufacturer will attempt to inform owners of the affected makes and models so that the owners can take their vehicles to the appropriate dealerships for free repairs. Recall letters are typically sent, but they may not reach every owner. Still, if the owner of an affected vehicle learns of the recall, it is wise to have the vehicle checked and repaired promptly.

What if a vehicle manufacturer denies a lemon law claim?

California drivers expect their vehicles to be reliable and safe. They depend on their cars to get them to work and back home safely. When a vehicle turns out to be defective, it can be an extremely frustrating issue that impacts every aspect of a consumer's life.

Under state law, an auto manufacturer must compensate the consumer if they file a valid lemon law claim. This compensation can be in the form of a full refund, including the down payment and repair fees. It can also include a replacement of the defective vehicle. 

Research is important when buying a new car

Purchasing a new car is a major financial decision. Obtaining a loan, making payments and generally having a portion of income go toward the new vehicle regularly often make California residents want to ensure that they are not wasting their money. As a result, they often consider various aspects of the transaction before buying a new car.

Research is important when working to find the right vehicle. Individuals often have an idea of the type of vehicle they want to purchase, but because there are numerous options for each type, it is wise to look into the pros and cons of each. Comparisons can prove immensely useful when trying to decide which vehicle may offer the best features, and it can also help individuals ensure that they are getting a good price for the vehicles they eventually choose.

Does recent recall prove certain Kia, Hyundai models are lemons?

Buying or leasing a vehicle can be an exciting experience. However, many new vehicles can begin to show serious issues before owners even finish making their payments. As a result, California vehicle owners may find out that they have purchased lemons and could find it useful to explore their legal options.

In particular, some state residents could be affected by a recent recall from Kia Motors Corps. and its affiliate Hyundai Motor Co. According to reports, various models of their vehicles have the potential of catching on fire. In fact, 18 injuries have affected vehicle users after fires have erupted from these makes. Several examples of these events were given in the report, including third-degree burns suffered by one person while trying to exit a Kia Optima and another person who had to jump from his moving Kia Sorento after the brakes failed while the vehicle was on fire. In another example, a driver was able to exit his Hyundai Sonata before the flaming vehicle exploded.

Yet another recall could affect drivers in Los Angeles

Sadly, automobile recalls appear to have become fairly commonplace. It probably would not surprise Los Angeles residents that yet another one has arisen. Actually, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued three recalls for the same vehicles made by Hyundai and Kia. 

The problem is that a cascade of events could cause the 1.6 liter engine to catch fire. So far, approximately 300 vehicles exhibited this issue. What may be surprising is that the problem became evident back in 2015 when the first recall was issued. Unfortunately, until now, the automakers have only made around 10 percent of the affected vehicles subject to that recall.

California lemon laws help protect consumers when buying vehicles

Buying a new car is often an exciting experience for most people. They may have dream vehicles in mind that they have always wanted to purchase, or they may be happy to buy a more suitable vehicle due to having a growing family. Whatever the case, buyers want their vehicles to be reliable, and California lemon laws help to ensure that reliability.

Many people may have heard vehicles referred to as lemons but may not be entirely sure what that term means. Typically, a vehicle that is a lemon suffers from a major defect or multiple defects that result in the vehicle not operating properly or that cause other issues. Vehicle owners may have reason to file legal claims if their vehicles turn out to be lemons and are protected by lemon laws.

Some California F-150 owners may have trucks under recall

With everything else that drivers need to pay attention to on the road, the last thing they should have to worry about it whether their vehicles will malfunction and cause them to have an accident. This is a real possibility right now for some California Ford F-150 owners. The vehicle manufacturer recently issued a recall regarding an issue that could potentially lead to harm for owners and others on the road with them.

The problem involves the transmission for model years 2011 through 2013. The transmission could shift down into first gear without warning. When this happens, the driver may lose control of the vehicle. So far, the company has received five reports of accidents that the company says may be related to this problem. One of those accidents resulted in a case of whiplash, which can be more severe than people realize.

Ford F-150 affected by latest vehicle recalls

Many people consider the safety of a vehicle before making a purchase. Of course, even if a vehicle does seem safe at the time the purchase is made, issues and defects could become known later on. As a result, a seemingly safe vehicle could suddenly become dangerous, and vehicle recalls could take place as a result.

California drivers may be interested in a current recall that is affecting approximately 1.5 million Ford F-150 pickup trucks. According to reports, this model of truck made during the time span from 2011 through 2013 is experiencing issues related to the transmission. The six-speed automatic transmission in the trucks may suddenly shift into first gear, which may cause drivers to lose control. At the time of the report, at least five accidents had occurred as a result.

January recalls could affect California car owners

When the government shuts down, it has a wider effect than most people realize. During the latest shutdown, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not keep up on issuing vehicle recalls as it normally does. It may not be surprising that at least two recalls occurred in January about which California car owners may need to know.

The first involves the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus that only affects around 2,300 of the mid-size SUVs. However, the recall has to do with the vehicle's hands on/off detection system, which may not function properly and not realize that a driver does not have his or her hands on the wheel. Obviously, this could lead to a crash if for some reason, a driver fails to be holding onto the steering wheel as he or she should while driving.

Was your RV or recreational camper recalled in late 2018?

Is your RV one of thousands recalled in November and December of 2018? The National Highway Traffic and Safety administration recalled several different models of recreational trailers and RVs from three major manufacturers for safety concerns: Cruiser, Heartland and Keystone. Was your RV affected?

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