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Some in Los Angeles may not be able to count on their seat belts

One of the things drilled into the heads of new drivers is to wear their seat belts at all times. These restraints do save lives, but only if they work properly. Sadly, it is possible that some here in Los Angeles may not be able to count on their seat belts, which could put their lives in danger.

More than 100,000 2015 Lincoln MKZs and Ford Fusions are the subject of a recall because of defective seat belt cable anchors. An overheating issue could cause failure of the seat belt during a crash. At that point, the injuries suffered by drivers and their passengers could easily increase in severity.

Could corroding issue result in certain Nissans being lemons?

Having an issue with a vehicle is a problem practically every driver wants to avoid. Of course, it is not always possible to avoid defects or flaws in vehicles even if drivers do their best to regularly maintain them. When an unavoidable issue arises, some manufacturers choose to fix the problem at no cost to the consumer, but if the problems cannot be easily fixed, the vehicles may turn out to be lemons.

California readers may be interested in a "service campaign" that Nissan is conducting to address an issue with the suspension of their Altima vehicles. According to reports, the issue revolves around a suspension part coming loose due to corroding. The issue does not yet warrant a full recall of the vehicle, but it was noted that the company is continuing to investigate the issue, which could affect over two million cars.

Facing issues with an RV could be a tricky fix

Wanting to hit the road in an RV is a dream that many California residents have. Many cannot wait to see the sights and enjoy some time away from their permanent homes as they travel. Of course, buying an RV is a substantial investment, and some people may find themselves facing issues that some mechanics are wary to address.

It is not unusual for mechanics to pass on looking at RV issues because they can be difficult to fix. If the mechanic has the right tools and parts, a driver may be in luck. Of course, because of the amount of time on the road and the wear and tear these vehicles experience, it is common for RVs to need suspension, tire and brake replacements more often than a regular passenger vehicle.

What protections do consumers have against lemon cars?

California's Lemon Law, officially known as the Song-Beverly Act, provides protection for consumers who purchase certain vehicles. If those cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles continually have issues and can't be repaired in a reasonable number of trips to the mechanic, you might need to invoke your rights under this law.

Some individuals in this state might not understand what the law means for consumers. Read up on at least the basics of the law so that you know when you need to take action over a problematic vehicle.

Problem vehicles can cause buyer's remorse

Buying a vehicle is not only a significant investment upfront, but it is also an endeavor that can require additional funds in order to maintain the vehicle. In a best-case scenario, California drivers will purchase vehicles that last them years without any serious problems. Unfortunately, some people could end up with problem vehicles that have them regretting their purchases.

There are certain vehicle issues that are relatively common. For instance, most drivers will end up with a dead battery at some point because the battery itself goes bad or because residue buildup causes a poor connection. This issue is a relatively easy fix, but if vehicle owners find themselves facing battery issues frequently, they may have a more serious issue than simply an old battery.

Legal claims could result if recalled vehicles are lemons

Buying a new vehicle is not always a guarantee that it will run perfectly. Most vehicles have warranties that account for this possibility, but even with that assurance, a vehicle could still turn out to be a lemon. If a manufacturer is unable to fix an issue with a new vehicle, it is possible that legal claims could be warranted.

California readers may be interested in a vehicle recall recently issued by Mazda. According to reports, a software problem with over 260,000 cars and SUVs could cause those vehicles to drive improperly or even stall while in operation. These issues pose significant dangers as a serious accident could result if a driver loses control or a vehicle stalls on the roadway.

Purchasing a lemon could warrant legal claims

The idea of purchasing a new vehicle can bring about many emotions. Some individuals may feel excited about buying a new vehicle, and others may have some apprehensions because a vehicle is such a major investment. The purchase could also bring about undesirable feelings if it seems that a person may have bought a lemon.

Though the idea of buying a vehicle that turns out to be a lemon can be immensely stressful, it is important for California residents to remember that they have consumer protections. Of course, it is important that consumers have the right information regarding these protections. Each state's lemon laws regarding new vehicles differ, so it is important that parties who have concerns about their vehicles understand whether the law covers their situation.

Los Angeles Toyota Prius owners face another recall

Many California residents commute long distances to work, which means a lot of driving. Since many Los Angeles residents spend a significant amount of their days on highways, a good number of them purchase Toyota Prius or another hybrid vehicle in order to save on gas. These vehicles come with their own unique problems that could put their drivers in danger.

Toyota Prius relies on a substantial amount of electronics in order to switch between gas and electric propulsion. When those components are defective, they could fail at a most inopportune time. Back in 2014, the automaker recalled somewhere around 800,000 of these vehicles in order to fix inverter transistors that were breaking down while the vehicles were in motion. In Oct. 2018, a second recall was issued to address power failure detection and software updates.

Research could help avoid problems with an RV

Whether nearing retirement and wanting to live life on the road or simply looking for suitable vacation transportation, many California residents consider hitting the road in an RV. Though these vehicles can certainly have their uses, they are a major investment. Aside from the financial aspects of purchasing such a vehicle, potential buyers will also want to ensure that they consider other aspects before making a purchase as well to hopefully avoid problems with an RV.

For starters, individuals may need to think about where they will store their RVs. This may not seem like a major consideration, but if the vehicle will sit for months at a time, it needs proper protection from the elements. Even if parties plan to park it on a driveway, taking measurements could help ensure that the vehicle does not end up more in the way than anticipated.

Lemon laws: Fruit not always the topic when lemons are mentioned

When a California resident is talking about lemons, fruit is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, the discussion might have nothing at all to do with food and everything to do with automobiles. Lemon laws are part of the Tanner Consumer Protection Act.

New or used vehicles may be covered under lemon laws if they are sold or leased in this state and come with warranties. If a manufacturer cannot bring a car to conformity with warranties after numerous attempted repairs, it is classified as a lemon. Nonconformity refers to any vehicle issues that impairs a car's value, use or safety.

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