An extended warranty may be worth it if a vehicle is a lemon

A lot of decisions are involved in buying a new car. California residents may think about safety features, looks, gas mileage and much more when deciding which vehicle is right for them. They may also need to decide whether to opt for an extended warranty, which can cost extra. However, having a warranty may save some headaches later, especially if a car turns out to be a lemon.

Unfortunately, as nice and shiny as a new car may be, sooner or later something will go wrong. Vehicle owners can mitigate the chances of major issues by keeping their vehicles properly maintained and having any concerns checked by the dealership or mechanic as soon as possible. Because getting any type of vehicle problem fixed can be costly, having an extended warranty may help lessen those costs.

Of course, some people may not see the need in paying more for an extended warranty just in case something happens. Still, it is important to keep in mind that even new cars can suffer from defects that could pose serious issues. In some cases, those defects may not be as easily repaired as some would hope.

In cases where vehicle issues cannot be easily repaired, having a valid warranty may help with a lemon law claim. If a dealership or manufacturer cannot fix an issue within an allowable number of attempts, drivers may face serious problems. Fortunately, California laws can help drivers affected by such situations file legal claims to help them seek restitution for the problems they face with their vehicles under warranty.